Yoga Styles for Beginners

5 Yoga Styles for Beginners –Which Style is Best for You

 5 Yoga Styles for Beginners –Which Style is Best for You

On March 17, 2020, I have written a post about Yoga styles, but it seems that many readers can’t gain enough information about other styles, so, I write this article to show you more information about Yoga styles, especially for these newbies who are not familiar with Yoga.

With the development of our society, there is a trend that more and more people, especially some modern women, have realized of the importance of Yoga. Yes, nowadays, Yoga has become a way of our daily life and many people tend to pay more attention to the relationship between Yoga and their health.

However, if you a newbie at the area of Yoga, you may not know the fact that there are many different styles of yoga that are practiced and you should choose one following your needs.

For example, if you just want to follow the fasion, your choice must be some quite popular styles; Some people try to lose weight with Yoga training while others just want to improve their strength and balance. If you haven’t gotten familiar with Yoga but want to enjoy a better life with the help of it, then here is a detailed guide to the basic styles of Yoga:

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga is a traditional style of yoga. As far as I know, if you a beginner at Yoga, then you can try it indeed. Mainly, it focuses on the flow of postures in order to improve strength, stamina and flexibility of the body. The idea is to create heat inside the body to burn off toxins, release tight muscles and joints, and focus your mind. If you are interested in improving your strength, flexibility and stamina and you are fit enough to deal with an hour of jumping from one posture to another, Asthanga Yoga can suit you.

However, according to some studies, Ashtanga Yoga is not the ideal for beginners because people who are not well fit may find it too difficult and demanding. So, you can decide whether it is your first your choice through your personal needs.

Bikram Yoga

Nowadays, This style of Yoga is very popular in the Chicago area.

As a modern form that was developed in Los Angeles, it is often practiced in a heated environment for increased circulation. Usually, it is practiced in a heated room with the temperature at approximately 105°F and the humidity set to 40%. This focuses on muscular strength, endurance and cardio exercises.

Hatha Yoga

The word Hatha is a compound of the words Ha and Tha meaning sun and moon. Hatha yoga originally meant the physical practice of yoga. It meant doing the pose, vs. doing the breathing exercises called pranayama or following the philosophical or ethical practices of some styles of yoga.

If you see a class described as Hatha, it will likely be a slow-paced stretching class with some simple breathing exercises and perhaps seated meditation.

Power Yoga

Power Yoga is hugely popular in health clubs and among athletes, which is closely modeled on the Ashtanga style of practice. This kind of Yoga focuses on strengthening the body by performing Hatha Yoga postures for a longer time to improve both physical flexibility and mental focus. So, if you want to lose weight easily and healthily, this is your best choice.

Vini Yoga

Compared with Iyengar Yoga (a form of Hatha Yoga) , Vini Yoga has a more relaxed approach to placement of the body.

Generally speaking, it focuses on how your breath moves through your body and affects each pose. As a therapeutically oriented yoga, this style Yoga was more effective than traditional exercise or a patient education book for improving function and pain in patients with chronic low back pain.

If you have been familiar with various styles of Yoga, this article may be useless to you. But you are a beginner at Yoga, just read this article carefully and make your best choice following your needs. Remember to get down to choosing what you really want other than following a kind of trend hurriedly. If you want to attend Yoga classes, try your best to find out that they do not suit your expectations, which is very important if you want to gain a better body with the help of Yoga.


What are the 8 styles of yoga?

8 Different Types of Yoga: Explained to Help You Choose

* Hatha yoga.

* Vinyasa yoga.

* Hot yoga.

* Yin yoga.

* Iyengar yoga.

* Ashtanga yoga.

* Yoga Nidra.

What is the easiest style of yoga?

Hatha Yoga. It’s all about the basics in these slower moving classes that require you to hold each pose for a few breaths. In many studios, hatha classes are considered a gentler form of yoga.

How do I choose a yoga style?

Check out the quick guide below to choosing a yoga style that will support your intention:

* To Become Svelte: Try Ashtanga-Vinyasa Yoga.

* To Gain Stability and Increase Mobility: Try Iyengar Yoga.

* To Sweat: Try Bikram Yoga.

* To Become More Centered: Try Integral Yoga.

* To Ignite Your Passion and Creativity: Try Kundalini Yoga.

What type of yoga should a beginner start with?

Hatha yoga

Hatha yoga classes tend to be good for beginners because they’re slower-moving. Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and power yoga classes can be more challenging, depending on the level of instruction. Iyengar has a strong focus on proper alignment, and often uses props to help students perfect their form.

What is the hardest type of yoga?

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga is tough, even for the most experienced of yogis. It’s Vinyasa yoga taken to its strongest form, and it involves some of the longest and most gruelling yoga practices you can put together.

What is the difference between Hatha and Vinyasa?

Hatha yoga is practiced at a slower pace, with focus on the breath, controlled movements, and stretching. Vinyasa yoga focuses on connecting the breath to your movements, which tend to be set at a faster pace.

What is the easiest yoga for Beginners?

Here are 10 easy yoga poses for beginners:

* Easy Pose. Easy pose is sometimes called easy seated pose.

* Child’s Pose. Child’s pose is a place of rest.

* Tree Pose.

* Downward Dog.

* Warrior Two.

* Low Lunge.

* Seated Forward Bend.

* Reclining Twist.

What are the three things I like about yoga?

3 Things I Like About Yoga

* The Focus on Balance and Flexibility. All of my other regular workout routines are heavily immersed in cardio and strength training exercises.

* The Attention Paid to Breathing Patterns.

* The Reinforcement of Mindfulness.

Is Vinyasa Flow yoga for Beginners?

While “flowing” usually requires at least some basic knowledge of the yoga poses, vinyasa yoga can still be great for beginners. There are plenty of beginners’ vinyasa yoga classes and workshops available in studios and online.