Simple Makeup Tools Tips

Simple Makeup Tools Tips

Simple Makeup Tools Tips

Almost every beauty expert will tell you that the success of makeup application may be attributed to having used the right makeup tools.

Speaking of makeup tools, such as eyelash curler, eyelash brush, lip brush, or eyeshadow sponge, etc, there are no particular recommended kinds. Why? That’s all because the important thing is you are comfortable using them and that they don’t cause any allergic reactions to your skin. Here are some helpful tips to you aiming to help you choose suitable makeup tools.

One useful beauty tool you must have is the powder brush. A powder brush gives you more control when dusting powder on. Leave a space, too, for several eyeshadow brushes and at least one eyeshadow sponge.

The makeup sponge is also a necessity. Usually, a powder brush can’t work better than a sponge when dusting powder on. An eyeshadow sponge is recommended when putting on eyeshadow that does not require much blending, or when highlighting the area of your brow bones.

You should also put a pair of eyebrow tweezers into your makeup toolbox. You will be needing this when plucking out unwanted hair and reshaping your eyebrows to emphasize your eyes, making them stand-out and naturally beautiful. Of course, your tweezers must have pointed or slanted tips because such can hold the hair much better.

Do you dream to look good-looking? To be honest, the answer is so simple: All the secrets to looking great are hidden inside your own makeup toolbox and what lie inside your makeup kit are keys to staying beautiful.





What tools do I need to do my makeup?

6 Essential Makeup Tools (And How To Use Them)

* beautyblender Sponge.

* BEAUTY BAY Rose Gold Glam Angled Powder Brush.

* House Of Lashes Lash Aid Eyelash Curler.

* BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Brush 13 Angled Liner/Spooley.

* Tweezerman Slant Tweezer.

* ZOEVA Rose Golden Luxe Soft Crease Brush.

What do I need for a simple makeup?

Beauty Basics: Makeup Essentials for Beginners

* Foundation. Just like artists who must prime before painting, you too must start with a clean canvas.

* Concealer. “Concealer is a must-have staple in your beauty routine,” says Kendall.

* Bronzer.

* Neutral Eyeshadow Palette.

* Eyeliner.

* Mascara.

* Brow Powder.

* A Nude and a Bold Lip Color.

What are some good makeup tips?

* Put your best face forward with these tried-and-true tips

* Start fresh.

* Do eye makeup before face makeup.

* Brown or black gel-pencil liner powers up eyes.

* Splurge on a curler, but scrimp on black mascara.

* Use neutral shadows to accent eyes.

* Do your brows.

* Go for glow and brightness, not coverage.

* Use makeup brushes.

How do simple makeup tips?

Basic Makeup Tips on What to Do Before Applying Makeup

Step #1. Wash your face. Use a cleanser suitable for your skin type; dry skin types should use cream-based cleansers while oily skin types should use gel-based cleansers.

Step #2. Tone the skin.

Step #3. Apply moisturiser.