White Skin Spots

White Skin Spots

White Skin Spots


Hello everyone today our topic for how to cure white patches or white spots on skin let’s start your skin tone depends on the production of melanin if your skin produces more melanin you will have a dusky complexion on the other hand fair skin is the reason of lesser production of melanin but there are some people who suffer from the irritating white spots on their skin which doesn’t match to their skin tone do you know why these patches appear on your skin it happens when melanin stops its functioning these patches can appear at any part of your body and these spots can be caused by the disorder called vitiligo though it is very difficult to cure white patches from your skin with natural remedies to cure white patches.

 you can control the spreading of vitiligo what are the reasons of vitiligo according to many researches the reasons of vitiligo can be genetic exposure to chemical reactions or viral and neural causes even some medical conditions can be one of the reasons for white spots to occur on your skin you can use home remedies to cure white patches on the skin start to use these remedies to cure white patches as soon as you notice them on your body then the spreading can be prevented more effectively here are some easy home remedies to cure white patches on the skin that can be found inside your kitchen have a look.

 Number one: ginger ginger boosts blood circulation and thus cures white patches on your skin you can use ginger with lemon juice and water and consume it twice in a day also you can make a paste of ginger and apply it often on those spots.

 Number two: turmeric turmeric contains antibacterial properties that prevent bacterial attack which cause infections make a paste of turmeric powder and mustard oil and use it two times in a day also you can make a paste of neem leaves and mix it with turmeric powder and water regular application will make those spots disappear.

 Number three: apple cider vinegar are you looking for home remedies to cure white patches on skin if those white spots are due to fungal infection apple cider vinegar is the best remedy it is an antifungal and antibiotic solution clean your face and apply apple cider vinegar with a cotton ball on the spots a week of application can lessen your problem to a great extent.

 Number four: honey to cure an infectious skin honey is one of the best remedies the antibacterial properties in honey reach to the deep down of your skin and cure any kind of an infection apply honey directly onto those patches and you’ll get positive results soon consider it among the natural remedies to cure white patches.

 Number five: spend time under sunlight if you want the best remedies to cure white patches spend some time under the sunlight regularly sunlight can boost up the melanin production in skin cells and your skin tone can be rectified again.

 Number six: basil you can use a paste of basil leaves regularly to get rid of the white patches on skin to get a better result boil basil leaves in water and mix turmeric powder to make the paste apply the paste onto the patches and wash your face with lukewarm water.

 Number seven: cabbage did you know that cabbage is one of the effective remedies to cure white patches cabbage juice not only cures this problem but also prevents it from reoccurring apply it regularly for several times on the patches and wash after 15 minutes.

 Number eight: radish seeds to regenerate melanin production radish seeds are a wonderful remedy grind some radish seeds into a fine powder and mix it with vinegar apply the paste onto the white patches and wash it after 15 minutes do it regularly and you will see positive results after six months