Foods To Avoid Kidney Stones

17 Foods To Avoid Kidney Stones

17 Foods To Avoid Kidney Stones


You are what you eat you must have heard that saying a million times but if you take a closer look at the statement it’s more than just a saying it’s a fact food is not just fuel that makes our body run and function what you eat forms the building blocks for yourselves so not just literally but actually you are what you eat your food can and does affect your health in multiple ways this statement especially holds up in cases of people with kidney disease. 

kidney disease affects an estimated 37 million people in the US which is about 15 percent of the adult population more than 1 in 7 adults and approximately 90% of those with kidney disease don’t even know they have it one in three American adults approximately 80 million people is at risk for kidney disease the thought of you having kidney disease without even knowing it can be pretty scary but making a few changes to your diet and avoiding certain foods is all it takes to protect your kidneys better.17 foods that you need to avoid for healthier and happier kidneys.

 Number one: milk yes milk although it might have a lot of health benefits it’s not as good for your kidneys milk contains high levels of phosphorus potassium and calcium and when your kidneys are not functioning properly it leads to a buildup of these minerals in your blood your kidneys are unable to remove these excess minerals from your blood and this can lead to fatal consequences time to eat that cookie without the milk.

 Number two: avocado if you’re a millennial you’re well-versed with avocados and their numerous health benefits but there is a catch avocados contain a large amount of potassium which is very difficult for an improperly functioning kidney to remove from the body this leads to an excessive buildup of potassium which can be very dangerous lay off that avocado toast.

 Number threered meat who doesn’t love a nice juicy steak or rack of lamb but consuming too much of these can prove to be very harmful for weak kidneys these meats are high in protein content when you eat protein your body breaks it down into waste products that must be cleared from the blood by the kidneys eating more protein than your body needs may put an extra burden on the kidneys and cause kidney function to decline even faster. 

Number foursalt your food would usually be tasteless I mean if not for a pinch of salt salt is comprised of sodium and too much sodium in your diet can be harmful because it causes blood to hold fluid the extra fluid raises your blood pressure and puts strain on your kidneys so always eat your food with a pinch of salt but nothing more. 

Number five: peanut butter there is hardly anything better than peanut butter on bread it’s tasty and healthy but is it really peanut butter contains large amounts of phosphorus and too much of it in your blood can cause damage to your body since weak kidneys are unable to remove phosphorus excess phosphorus in your blood pulls calcium from your bones making it weak and more likely to break better ease up on that peanut butter spread next time. 

Number six: soda and cola drinks nothing can beat the feeling of gulping down a cold can of fizzy and refreshing soda on a hot sunny day but a recent study found that consuming at least two carbonated beverages per day is linked with increased excretion of protein in the urine which is a hallmark of kidney dysfunction drinking soda or carbonated beverages each day may lead to hypertension and diabetes which can cause kidney failure reduce kidney function and kidney stones time to replace those sodas with water or natural healthy juices.

 Number sevenprocessed foods having those healthy granola bars or brown bread every day you may want to give it a break if you have kidney disease processed foods like potato chips cookies deli meat bread and cheese are significant sources of sodium and phosphorus additives which has damaging effects on the kidneys although an occasional bag of potato chips is fine as long as it’s taken in moderation.



 Number eightjunk food you may try to restrict yourself but the junk food craving that kicks in time and time again is hard to resist you would really hate me if I told you to quit pizza burgers french fries or onion rings for good but the truth is they are not good for your body a new study has suggested that a diet that relies mostly on junk food causes similar blood sugar levels as type two diabetes this may cause long-term damage to your kidneys and trigger diabetic kidney disease.

 Number ninealcohol if you’re a healthy person your kidneys would be hard at work at any given time but when you have kidney disease your kidneys have to work overtime to function normally and when you drink alcohol in such a condition the kidneys are unable to stop the dangerous levels of waste from accumulating in the blood which can be fatal no more binge drinking at your college reunion okay.

 Number 10: sugar you must be familiar with the harmful effects of sugar on different parts of your body but you would be surprised to know that sugar intake does not have any effect on your kidneys directly now before you open that bag of candy we’d like to tell you that sugar contributes to diabetes which increases the chances of kidney failure and aggravates kidney damage in the case of an already weak kidney.

 Number 11: banana who knew bananas could be harmful for you but for people with kidney disease it is since bananas have high levels of potassium and damaged kidneys will allow potassium to build up in the blood causing serious heart problems.

 Number 12: shellfish shellfish like clams lobsters crabs and shrimp may be a good source of protein but research has found that a toxin called domoic acid in shellfish and some fish that eat algae can harm the kidneys the really troubling thing was that even a tiny level of the toxin was enough to harm your kidneys so if you have kidney disease you might want to stay away from your favorite seafood restaurant.




 Number 13: butter if you love butter on your toast but have kidney disease it’s time to get rid of it butter contains bad fats which will raise your cholesterol level and can lead to heart disease which in turn can cause kidney damage if you already have kidney disease.

 Number 14: pickled foods food in a pickled form is usually loved by one and all but pickled food is loaded with sodium when your kidneys are not healthy extra sodium and fluid will build up in your body this can cause swollen ankles puffiness a rise in blood pressure shortness of breath and/or fluid around your heart and lungs.

 Number 15: canned soups soups are usually considered healthy nowadays canned soups may be sold as low sodium but they’re high in potassium this causes potassium buildup in the blood as weak kidneys are unable to remove potassium causing nausea weakness numbness and slow pulse so don’t be fooled by those soup labels claiming to be low in sodium.

 Number 16: brown rice brown rice unhealthy for me what are you guys talking about although brown rice may be considered a healthy alternative to white rice when it comes to people with kidney disease that may not be the case it is higher in potassium and phosphorus content than it’s white rice counterpart and by now we all know how bad potassium and phosphorous is for people with kidney disease.

 Number 17: chocolate who doesn’t love chocolate but chocolate is known to be a source of unhealthy fat increasing the risk of heart attack or stroke and people with CKD who already are more susceptible to these problems than most people we understand it can be tricky to balance good nutrition with dietary restrictions but a little awareness and understanding the ingredients can go a long way for healthier and happier kidneys was this video an eye-opener for you realizing that some foods which are good for everyone else can actually be bad for people with kidney disease let us know in the comments section below.