Exercise For Core

Exercise For Core

Exercise For Core


Today to talked about one my favorite subjects and that’s core strength now I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen guys I got that toned six-pack but their abs are weak most guys have a fundamental misunderstanding of how to train their abs we’re not just going to do things that are going to target one area and just try to tone the abdominals we’re going to try to build strength and power across the entire midsection so today I’m going to show you 10 of my hardest core exercises they’re going to put you to the test okay the first exercise we’re going to start with is the.

Number one: weighted plank now I love the plank in general it’s my favorite court size because it engages all the muscles in the core and really helps to build stability now by play loading it you’re going to be able to really put your strength to the test not just build endurance in the core if you want to have a strong squat a strong deadlift you better have a strong stable core.

Number two: the second of my most challenging core exercise of the ring layouts now the most important thing to keep in mind on this and many other of these exercises is to really keep your abdomen engaged don’t let your hips sag throughout the movement when you start to lay out on those rings if you let your hips get low you’re going to strain your lower back so you’ve got a really concentrate on keeping your abs tight .

Number three: on my list is what I like to think of is the evil older cousin of the AB wheel this is a barbell rollout very similar movement now if you can master it from your knees if you want to step it up a notch and you think you got what it takes you’re going to try it from your feet very challenging moving when that weight gets out there it’s not just going to roll back you’ve got to pull it back.

Number four: next up on my list we have walk outs you’re going to start in a push-up position keep those abs tight you’re going to walk your hands out as far as you can and then walk back the goal is eventually get to where your nose will touch the ground and nothing else.

Number five: on my list is a barbell sit-up now it’s important to note you’re not going to put your feet under anything you just got to use your core strength anchor yourself in start with that bar on your chest and as you explode up extend the bar overhead.

 Number six: on my list is what I like to call plate layouts you’re going to start in a push-up position with your feet on a small plate now you need to be on a surface where it’s going to slide you’re going to keep your abs tight drift back and layout now if you’re a beginner or this stuff is new to you you’re going to let your elbows hit the ground first and then pop back up as you get more advanced you should be able to lay all the way out without your arms touching the ground.

Number seven: on my list is what I call a barbell climb your serve with a 45-pound bar your feet wide and you’re going to climb down to the bottom and then back up now like many of my favorite core exercise we’re not just working the muscle of the core this is really going to tax your lats and test your forearm strength as you’re climbing back up.

Number eight: on my list is 90-degree toes the bar now most of you probably done regular toes-to-bar leg raises what I like to do is after I go up I’m going to come back down and stop at 90 degrees that way I’m not using any momentum at the bottom and I’m taking the so as out of the position of being the prime mover keeping those abs tight coming back up to the bar back down to 90 degrees.

 Number nine: on my list is the l-sit pull-up one of my biggest pet peeves in the gym is when I see you guys going pull-ups and they’re kipping swinging dude an l-sit leg straight out keep the core engaged and it’s going to take any momentum out of the equation okay last but not least 

Number 10: On my list is what I call medicine ball wheel barrels now everyone remembers doing a wheelbarrow race when they’re at summer camp when you were kid well imagine that camp was run by ninja warriors this is probably the type of race you would have had you’re going to start with your feet on a medicine ball and you’re going to walk your hands out and move your feet at the same time to keep the ball up with you now if you’re really advanced put your hands on the medicine ball and your feet on the medicine ball and see what you got okay muscle strength there you have it that was my 10 hardest core exercises.