Benefits Yogurt

Benefits Yogurt

Benefits Yogurt


Hello everyone do you love smoothies well today’s this Article will make you want to pour yourself an extra glass every morning smoothies especially made with full fat yogurt are great for your health let’s talk about what it can do for your body if you eat one every day for a whole week will it reduce your joint pain maybe boost immunity how about providing relief from yeast infections we’ll be discussing all this and more.

 Number one: relief from yeast infection yeast infections can be pretty annoying but yogurt will definitely help does science support this weird claim well it turns out yes studies show significant improvement in yeast infections after women struggling with them started including yogurt in their daily lifestyle introduce yogurt into your diet to prevent yeast infections yogurt is great for boosting your overall health when eaten you can also apply it externally at the site of a yeast infection a study has suggested applying yogurt is in fact more effective than applying an antifungal cream yeast infection is one of the most common problems faced by women especially those who have diabetes some of the symptoms of this condition are itchiness burning while peeing and soreness there can be redness rashes and painful eruptions too this is in addition to the foul-smelling whitish gray discharge.

you need to treat yeast infections as soon as possible if left untreated it can turn out to be so severe it’ll affect your day-to-day life you can also use honey along with yogurt there has been research on this and it was reported that this honey and yogurt combo was an effective alternative treatment for yeast infections in pregnant women just remember one thing always use plain natural yogurt to treat yeast infections instead of fancy store-bought flavored ones speaking of flavored yogurts which one do you like the best do you eat it plain or make a smoothie share your preferences with the comments below.

 Number two: forget your joint aches and pains you know the worst part of getting old it’s not the wrinkles it’s not getting slower it’s the aches and pains it’s these joint aches that stop you from going on trips you once loved you need to focus even more on meeting your nutritional needs it’s important for the overall well-being of your body this includes special focus on calcium as it takes care of your bones it works along with vitamin d to strengthen both bones and joints and for this same reason you need to eat yogurt daily it’s rich in both calcium and vitamin d eating full fat yogurt for just one week will provide you relief from bone aches and pains it protects your bones and reduces your risk of osteoporosis you need to eat yogurt daily if you want to keep your bones healthy in fact it’s even more important to include yogurt in your kids diet this way the bone strengthening process begins early for them there is fortified yogurt available on the market to give you a generous amount of vitamin d and calcium just go for it.

 Number three: stronger immunity there is a delicious way to boost your immunity it involves eating full fat yogurt yogurt is effective against some of the most deadly bacteria and viruses out there the good bacteria in this delicious food helps to strengthen your immunity but not just this there’s a high amount of protein in your yogurt which further supports your metabolism by increasing your energy expenditure wait there’s more to it have you been binge eating lately add yogurt to your daily diet and see how it drives away your hunger pains yogurt boosts hormones that signal fullness and stops you from overeating this results in your calorie intake coming down naturally this is the reason why yogurt especially greek yogurt is included in the majority of weight loss diets greek yogurt is really dense offering a higher amount of protein compared to the regular kinds.

 Number four: a happy stomach a good bowl of yogurt in the morning can mark the beginning of a happy day for chronic digestive issues eat yogurt daily you can have it on its own or make smoothies blueberry yogurt smoothies with a pinch of saffron is super delicious having said that stay away from the pasteurized yogurts which have been subjected to heat treatment because pasteurization kills good bacteria and yogurt always choose yogurt with effective probiotics check the label of the yogurt and you’ll find out.

 Number five: a healthy colon having regular bowel movements is very important for your health if you find yourself constantly struggling with constipation and bloating yogurt can be a lifesaver just make sure that your digestive issues aren’t caused by lactose intolerance that would be a problem the function your colon plays in your body is greatly underestimated your colon is the ultimate part of the digestive system it works to reabsorb food and process the waste products to be eliminated from your body.

imagine what would happen if your colon starts acting up well that’s one reason why people have chronic health issues like irritable bowel syndrome or ibs greek yogurt even reduces your chances of getting colon cancer there is healthy probiotic bacteria and yogurt that provide relief from the uncomfortable symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome wondering if this means eating the same boring yogurt every day well you don’t exactly need to you have so many fruits to try with yogurt start with my favorite kind mango you can make it at home don’t forget to add solid mango chunks to your mango yogurt smoothie for more taste it’s awesome for the summer time.


 Number six: reduce the side effects of antibiotics don’t get me wrong i’m not saying antibiotics are all bad but it is true that they can sometimes cause digestive upsets like bloating indigestion diarrhea and nausea some people will experience strong side effects of antibiotics these are accompanied by bouts of vomiting and even allergies you can combat these side effects through eating yogurt it has probiotics that provide relief from digestion and bloating this is why nutrition experts also suggest taking probiotics or live health bacteria with meals in order to reduce the irritation of the bowel caused by strong meds.

 Number seven: a boost in nutrients yogurt can serve as your daily dose of natural nutrients and if you love your heart and your skin you must add some yogurt to your diet it contains the right amount of calcium and minerals necessary for healthy bones and teeth you get loads of vitamin b12 and riboflavin from yogurt both of these nutrients protect your heart and save a young fetus from certain neural birth defects so now you know why it’s highly recommended for pregnant women did you know that only one cup of yogurt meets 30 of your daily dose of calcium 23 of your phosphorus and 11 of your potassium it’s important to get these nutrients from your diet as they’re needed for various biological processes these include regulating your blood pressure promoting bone health and boosting metabolism.

 Number eight: a break from sugar it’s normal to crave an icy cool sugary drink or a sweet snack after an intense workout but don’t give in to this craving all your efforts to burn off those extra pounds will be in vain instead sit down with a bowl of yogurt and you’ll have the best of both worlds the cooling effect of the body and a protein-rich healthy snack to help your muscles recover in fact it’s one of the most popular post-workout snacks among fitness enthusiasts there’s something more interesting when you eat a bowl full of greek yogurt within 60 minutes of your workout amino acids are released into your body this will repair your tired muscles.

this one could keep you full for an hour on end it will also stop you from eating everything that comes your way number nine your blood pressure is more regulated high blood pressure can lead to health problems like heart issues and kidney troubles one of the primary culprits behind hypertension is eating excess salt but if you eat yogurt each day your body will be able to get rid of the excess sodium rather easily research has found that people are at a lesser risk of getting high blood pressure if yogurt is a regular part of their diet in fact if you have blood pressure problems start eating yogurt more it’ll regulate your blood pressure naturally Control.