Yoga For Diabetes

Yoga For Diabetes

Yoga For Diabetes


Today we are talking on diabetes diabetes is a degenerative disease it is going to affect the whole system every organ of our body suffers because of diabetes there are two types of diabetes one when you are born with that juvenile and you can’t do anything except supplying insulin to your body so every time insulin shots are given or this is the only management other type of diabetes is called as stress diabetes.

that’s the diabetes which comes after the age of 30 40 50 and so on where our lifestyle is very much responsible we somehow live a life which is more stressful life we are having a long sitting and so many wrong things.We do alcohol smoking and so on and the whole body suffers because of that diabetes sets in so let’s understand what we should do regularly to prevent and to manage diabetes.

 first is walking we believe a lot Yogi’s would always say that person should be walking morning 45 minutes of walk and evening half an hour of walk is a must it would keep percent LD in the house also instead of sitting for long or in the office sitting for long very often everyone are just little bit move walk don’t stay in one position it would help cardiac patients also and diabetic patients also.

 second extremities exercise exercises where you have to give it something circulation to your extremities whenever possible sit with legs up cross legs that would help even on chair put one leg up another leg up and see that you are flexible in your limbs but there is a nasan which is called as earth courtesan in yoga so here keep your feet little away from each other one foot distance parallel while inhaling raise your both arms up.

simultaneously raise on your toe your heels are up while exhaling squats down slowly slowly and squat down completely so your heels are up you’re only on toe so your entire extremity is attended then while inhaling come up again on your toe and exhaling come back to your normal position well heels are also on the ground so this is boot cut awesome repeat again inhale raise on your toe exhaling squats down stay for four seconds inhaling again come back to your normal position and exhaling come back with your feet firm on the ground in a day whenever possible sitting down squatting down and getting up also should be a habit of diabetics.

• Second posture we will do chakras here legs one foot away from each other while inhaling stretch your arms take it up and go back bend back while exhaling come forward try and touch your both arms to the ground or how much it is possible do it stay in this position as far as possible let the head go into and while inhaling.

come back again to the straight position rotate your arms and come back to normal position while exhaling do this again inhale raise your arms up and back your spine is bending back exhaling you are bending forward holding the breath over there’s good circulation on face neck back everything is helpful healthier come back up and come to the normal position.

• Now we would sit on the floor stretch legs fold one leg fold another leg as shown we are doing Arthur matsyendrasana and try and fix your arm taking the knee from the side and twist your body behind you have to observe how the model is doing and do it this twisting really helps it opening up.

all that nerves which are compressed otherwise in between vertebrates come back to the double position change your leg position to go on the other side so again fold your leg fold the other leg over it take the arm rotate it from behind to hold your toe try and twist so you are looking back giving a pressure staying there come back to normal position in another much st. rasa slowly by practice you will be able to do it now we will do.

 What is called as first remote tanasul here you have to stretch your legs straight sitting give some pressure at the abdominal region abdominal pressure is very much required for diabetics twisting abdominal pressure now this also abdominal pressure so inhale hold your hands to the at the opposite side of your chest while exhaling stretch your arms straight bend forward hold your big toe touch your head to your knee stay for some time and come back to normal position if you find the posture.

is too difficult first to rowing pose so inhale bring your arms to the side of your chest exhale bend forward try to touch your toe again come back inhaling again exhaling stretch your legs so this is how you go on doing till you feel comfortable to finally hold your toe and touch your knee to the ground so try and do this gradually and this would benefit because this helps the whole body complete body exercise with this.

• Now let’s lie down lying down try and lift your one leg while exhaling and fold your knee while exhaling towards your stomach you are clasping the arm you are pressing your knee so that your leg really presses your stomach it’s a gentle stomach pressure inhale make your arm.

straight and come back try to do it on the left side left leg lift and fold while exhaling hold it for some time inhaling stretch your legs exhaling come down now the same thing you can do with both the legs so while exhaling lift and fold last and while inhaling make your legs straight and come down so this is called esperano moccasin and this should be done after three hours of your meal do it with empty stomach or I would put it like that.

• Before your food do this and then eat your food now we should know how to relax our abdomen and for that that is one simple pranayama which every human should do everybody should master this where you are lying down your legs are folded you are totally relaxed when your legs are holding their spine is totally relaxed keep your one arm on your stomach and now concentrate on your breaths while breathing in lift your stomach up while breathing down bring it sink it down inhaling stomach moves little exhaling stomach moves inwards inhaling up exhaling in go on doing this for some time you need not push your stomach too much up do it naturally exhale let it sink in and when you are relaxed your stomach really sinks in that would help relaxing.

• The abdominal area and relaxing generally the whole body your nervous system and this would do tremendous good now let’s sit and do a pranayama which is called as as stricka– canal sit in any meditative pose either in sukhasan or in Padmasana sitting in that pose now focus on the abdominal movement as well as on your breath so the rule is very much clear when you breathe in stomach moves up when you breathe out stomach goes in so do this with little force the sound should come from your nostril with force you are inhaling.

• And exhaling and along with it like stomach is moving up and down so do this bhastrika running breathe in breathe out stomach in  breathe in breathe out breathe in breathe out this is how you should go about take 30 rounds of this breathing and once 30 rounds are over take a long inhalation fill your chest completely.

and hold your bits and now breathe out and relax don’t do at a time more than 30 rounds so now relax a bit then do it again bhastrika breathe in breathe out breathe in breathe out with me friction at the nasal passage 30 rounds and then inhale fully all your breaths and then relax all this together would work wonders ultimately in diabetes person has to understand.

 That diabetic people are very perfectionist so they should try and do their job perfectly there is no problem about it but when others don’t do it perfectly don’t get disturbed don’t get upset about it because that disturb causes total chaos in the system.