Foods For Diabetics To Avoid

10 Foods For Diabetics To Avoid

10 Foods For Diabetics To Avoid

You probably already know that both type 1 and type 2 diabetes has something to do with the food you eat high sugar foods can hurt your body and this is especially true if you are diabetic but some foods are worse for you than others and there are even certain foods which you may assume are good for you but are secretly loaded with a ton of hidden sugar so it’s time for us to reveal the 15 absolute worst foods for diabetics watch out here they come.

 Number onelow fat packaged foods sure when you see a product on the Shelf advertised with large text proclaiming that the product is now quote-unquote low fat that certainly sounds appealing and healthy but food companies know exactly what they’re doing they are marketing you the idea of healthiness when in reality they still need you to find their products to be delicious. 

and how do they do that if they take out all the fats simple they add a ton of sugar low fat packaged foods like low fat yogurts or low fat chips and crackers come loaded with staggering amounts of hidden sugar in fact it was discovered that certain brands of low-fat cereal are basically 25 percent pure sugar worse still many of these products contain large amounts of some of the worst types of sugar namely high fructose corn syrup.

 Number two: packaged sauces store-bought sauces like pasta or curry sauces even most brands of ketchup aren’t exactly like grandma used to make if you investigate the nutrition labels of most any of these sauces you’ll discover just how much secret sugar is added to these products you may also notice that many of these products contain a long list of unhealthy chemicals and preservatives meant to keep these items from going bad as they sit on the shelves for months at a time most packaged sauces also usually contain high amounts of salt and FAT.

 Number threebarbecue sauce one type of sauce takes the gold for unhealthiness and that’s barbecue sauce barbecue sauce is delicious but there’s a reason for that it’s basically pure sugar in fact one tablespoon of generic store bought barbecue sauce contains seven grams of sugar if you slather two tablespoons of barbecue sauce onto your chicken that means you’re about to eat almost half of the recommended daily added sugar allotment in just one sitting so if you want barbecue sauce just be aware that 40 percent of that sauce is pure sugar.

 Number fourpackaged salad dressings continuing the trend of unhealthy sauces let’s talk salad dressings salads are usually healthy right but drowning a nutritious whole fruit and vegetable salad in high carb high sugar dressings defeats the purpose of the healthy salad most brand dressings from ranch to vinaigrette contain high amounts of sugar be wary of low-fat dressings because they will most definitely contain even higher amounts of added sugar instead try making your own dressing at home 1 tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil 1/2 a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar and the juice of one lemon will make for a delicious heart-healthy dressing and help you avoid that extra unneeded sugar.


 Number five: packaged soups soup sounds nutritious but most packaged soups contain high fructose corn syrup considered to be just about the worst type of sugar you can consume many packaged soup products also contain large amounts of other unhealthy processed – triggers like sucrose and dextrose so if you’re looking for a warm comfort food soup try making it from scratch with a vegetable or chicken broth instead the countdown.

 Number six: worst food for diabetics is canned fruits your mom has always told you to eat plenty of fruit right but there’s a difference between a fresh peach and canned peaches why canned fruits are meant to sit on shelves for months without going bad and for that to work these cans are filled to the brim with sugar loaded syrups these syrups act as preservatives but they’ll saturate the once healthy fruits within with a ton of sugar so even if you rinse the syrup off of the fruit before you eat it you’ll still be consuming a large amount of added sugar plus the process of canning fruits ends up removing most of the vitamin C from those fruits so on top of getting a lot of added sugar you’ll also end up losing out on the nutrition.

 Number sevenprotein bars another marketing gimmick from food corporations is to convince you that these bars are sources of healthy and quick energy but in reality most of these products contain up to 30 grams of added sugar that means they’re basically the same as a candy bar so if you’re looking for a shot of protein before your workout routine try getting your protein from natural sources like chicken fish and nuts number eight sports and mineral drinks just like protein bars. 

these products are marketed towards the exercise crowd promising a healthy dose of energy to get you going but this energy will come in the form of processed sugars like high fructose corn syrup and will spike your blood sugar in fact one bottle of most any typical sports drink usually contains 32 grams of added sugar that’s more sugar in one bottle than women should consume all day instead try calorie free sparkling water and add a few pieces of fresh fruit for flavor and nutrition.

 Number eightfruit smoothies sure when you see a fruit smoothie stand you may think that means it will be a great breakfast in a bottle but most fruit smoothie chains load their products with more than just fruit they usually contain high fat ice creams sugary yogurts or syrups some smoothies contain up to 24 teaspoons of sugar that’s several times more added sugar in one cup and then you should be consuming all day and when it comes to the fruit content these smoothies are usually loaded with multiple pieces of fruit condensed down. 

into that one cup that means you’re usually getting far more helpings of fruit in one serving than you should be eating in a full day Plus even though smoothies don’t eliminate fiber from the fruit the fiber is shredded in a blender becoming a less effective to your body because you are drinking your fruit instead of taking time to chew and digest it it will create an instantaneous insulin response so your blood sugar will spike and you’ll feel hungry again far sooner than if you’d eaten that fruit instead and speaking of fruit our.

 Number nineworst food for diabetics is you guessed it fruit juices why would the juice of something so healthy be so bad for us whole fruits like apples and pears are great sources of nutrients and fiber but fruit juices have these nutrients removed they’re basically selling you cure sugar one orange on its own will raise your blood sugar by 35 points but it will take your body 30 minutes or more to process the sugar from this fiber-rich source but if you were to simply drink orange juice your blood sugar will spike by 35 points in 15 minutes or less numbers 5 – one of the secretly most unhealthy foods for diabetics is coming up.

Now let’s discover the top five secretly worst foods for diabetics ready 




Number one: french fries sure french fries come from potatoes which sound healthy enough but even a natural white potato contains nearly 40 grams of carbs and only four grams of fiber meaning it’s a high glycemic food coupled with being deep fried and unhealthy vegetables these tasty treats will spike your blood sugar and at a ton of calories to your meal try making your own baked sweet potato fries from Home Instead you’ll cut down on the oil and sweet potatoes are less starchy than white potatoes 

Number two: packaged sweet treats I’m sure it’s obvious that packaged treats like dessert snack bars and cookies aren’t meant to be healthy but even packaged treats that sound like healthier options like pretzels fruit pastries and even granola bars are all chock full of highly processed sugars in fact a small 100 gram granola bar can contain upwards of 400 calories and almost 7 teaspoons of added sugar since the recommended daily allotment of added sugar for women is 6 teaspoons that small supposedly healthy granola bar will still give you more added sugar than you should be eating all day

 Number threewhite breads white rice and white flour pastas it’s been said that eating white bread is actually pretty much like eating candy after all two small slices can contain almost 3 grams of sugar white breads white rice and white flour pastas are made from starchy carbohydrates meaning they’ll supply you with a large helping of simple sugars but not much fiber so they’ll spike your blood glucose levels but provide very little nutrition however you can still have your cake or bread and eat it too try switching to whole-grain products whole-grain breads and pastas contain more fiber so they’ll give your body a more gradual insulin response and try switching out the white rice for brown rice your body will be able to process the sugars from brown rice much more effectively

 Number fourpotato chips yep everybody knows that potato chips aren’t the most healthy snacks in the world but even when you find a potato chip claiming to be low fat or low sodium chances are its still made from starchy white potatoes and loaded with additives preservatives and high fructose corn syrup we’re still many of these chip products were scientifically designed by Food Corporation chemists to hit what is known as the Bliss point that means that these products have been created to basically addictive. 

to that food after just one bite that’s why it always seems so hard to have only one potato chip or cheese dusted cracker you keep wanting more don’t you this isn’t an accident plus chemicals in these products delay your body’s satiety responsiveness meaning that while you’re stuffing yourself silly with these foods you won’t feel full and so you’ll keep eating more until you finish that food and then you may find yourself running back to the store to buy more of that product the

 Number five: worst food you should avoid even if you don’t have diabetes is comfortable remember to like this video and subscribe to our channel to be the first to watch more stuff just like this we’re releasing new content each week plus don’t forget to click the link in the description below to grab both of our free gifts superfoods for diabetics and episode one of that diabetes documentary and now on to the number one absolute worst food to avoid.

If you are worried about diabetes ready number one soft drinks yep you guessed what can be worse than eating a ton of sugar in one sitting try drinking your sugar pretty much any soft drink will contain upwards of seven teaspoons of added sugar even supposedly healthy packaged drinks like flavored coffee drinks and iced teas can contain up to 33 grams of sugar in one small bottle but just like with potato chips the fructose within tricks your body into not feeling full basically your body. 

• Doesn’t that it’s just taken in more calories and so you’ll still feel thirsty or hungry even after downing a full can of soda in fact a recent study showed that people who drank sugary soft drinks went on to consume an additional 17 percent more calories because they were not yet full so that one can of soda not only will flood your bloodstream with a huge dose of dangerous simple sugars it will also make you more hungry when you consume large amounts of fructose your body can’t metabolize that amount of simple sugars entering your bloodstream instead your liver is forced to take all that extra sugar and convert it to fat this is why the food product most associated with weight gain heart disease and diabetes is you guessed.

 it your sugar filled soft drink instead try filling up on water it may not be as exciting as that sugary drink in that colorful can but plain old water will aid your digestion improve your alertness keep you hydrated and help you feel full so the choice is simple and the power to fight obesity and diabetes is in your hands drop the packaged foods and pick up those natural sources of nutrition like whole grains non packaged fruits and vegetables and good old water well that’s our list so did you find this Article helpful let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.