Diabetes Symptoms Men

Diabetes Symptoms Men

Diabetes Symptoms Men


Do you need to go to the bathroom quite often even in night times are you feel so much hungry even after eating foods or if you have kind of blurry vision or you have sores which need to heal I mean it take a long time to heal you probably have diabetes and these are the symptoms for diabetes now in this Article I’m going to talk about the diabetes symptoms in men mostly the type 2 diabetes symptoms in men.

• So type 2 diabetes or other type of diabetes are not that much symptomatic but still if you want to understand what are the symptoms here we go these are the symptoms that are listed but actually there are diabetes symptoms common for men and women both these cases there are common symptoms and these are all among those common symptoms that are found both in men as well as in women but there are other symptoms and the variations slides some of the symptoms are more common in men than women so we are going to talk about them as well so begin with the common symptoms let’s say first of all the diabetes symptom.

Diabetes Symptoms For Men



 Number one: frequent urination you need to go to the bathroom quite often mostly in the night times even after the meal you know blood glucose level is too high and your kidneys working too hard to take that glucose out of the body that’s why they produce more and more urine and put it outside now as it is excluding those sugar out of your body it is also excluding the water from your body so you need to take a lot water after that so increased thrust is also related with this urination.

Number two: fatty you feel very much tired all the time and too much irritated about small things in your life this can be a result this can be a symptom of many disease but it is also related symptom for diabetes in men second thing a .

Diabetes signs For men



Number threehunger so diabetes symptoms in men hunger is very common and even after eating something right it’s kind of weird right you eat something and you feel hungry more because of you know after eating something your blood glucose level goes too high it causes 100 because you know inside the cell as a result of diabetes the cell will not receive that glucose due to the less amount of insulin that is a hormone which controls the balance of this glucose in your body and cell won’t get it so cell try to get more and more food more and more glucose you feel more hungry kind of weird.

Number fourblurry vision blurry vision means you know due to the production of high glucose level in your blood what happens actually it kind of make your lens you know Islands that you can see here that lanes start to distort as a result you feel blurred vision not a good sign then the diabetes symptom.

 Number five: that is slow healing source if you have small wounds in your hand or leg whatever it is it might take a long time to heal so these are kind of common symptoms that we can find both in men as well as women during the type 2 diabetes conditions or pre-diabetic conditions.

• But there are some specific things for male and more common for male for example infections infections also a kind of seen in men and women but different kinds of infection infections in genitalia is pretty much common because the certain kind of you know urine infection is very much common during the time because it was kind of in the studies that during this high blood sugar level what happens the the strategy of your body to fighting is the infection that is the immunity of our body kind of goes down that’s why infections are pretty much common.

• Then so that thing is another part and another important thing about the main particularly main symptoms for diabetes are you know we have kind of genital thrush all the time it’s kind of weird thing and you have swelling around the penis and these are the different things that you are going to witness alongside your genitalia it’s kind of weird but it happens for women also they witness kind of yeast infections are very much common then.

• So these are the symptoms of diabetes in men so east infections more common in female but for the main we have the increased genital thrush and also certain problems regarding your genitalia like the swelling our rounding the penis and all this some other specific symptoms for diabetes in Maine includes you know apple shaped bodies what is that thing I even don’t think it Apache body means I think you guys heard of those people are kind of you know apple shape like I can I’m not that kind of guy but you understand they have a small chest and a huge tummy so that kind of thing Apple shaped body is very much common in this case.

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