Diabetes Symptoms In Women

Diabetes Symptoms In Women

Diabetes Symptoms In Women


For diabetes symptoms in women you probably don’t know diabetes is one of the most significant lifestyle diseases we see today in just 25 years the global incidence of diabetes has doubled according to the World Health Organization more than 15 million women are living with type 2 diabetes in the United States alone and another 40 million are pre-diabetic while many signs and symptoms of diabetes are common in men and women women experience specific unique symptoms here are 4 diabetes symptoms in women

Diabetes Symptoms For Women



Number one: urinary tract infections UTI the risk of UTI is higher in women with diabetes UTI occur when bacteria gain access to the urinary tract where they colonizing cause infection signs and symptoms include painful urination burning sensation during urination fever and cloudy urine high blood glucose levels poor circulation and the inability of immune cells to efficiently fight bacteria are all causes of UTI

Number two: poor sexual health high levels of blood sugar often caused a condition called diabetic neuropathy this is a condition in which nerves lose their ability to transmit signals between the organs and brain efficiently this can lead to partial or complete loss of sensation in parts of the body including feet and legs the vagina is an organ with a vibrant network of nerves it is thus one of the most sensitive organs of the female body neuropathy may significantly affect sensation in the vagina leading to a lower sexual driving women.

Number three: vaginal and oral infections overgrowth of a yeast called Candida albicans causes vaginal and oral yeast infections called thrush high levels of glucose in the blood are favorable for the growth of is yeast vaginal infections are accompanied by symptoms like soreness itching vaginal discharge and pain during sex when the infection is oral a cottage cheese like coating is seen on the tongue and the inside of the map for polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Women Diabetes Symptoms



Number four:  PCOS is a metabolic syndrome caused due to hormonal imbalance in the female body it affects fertility in women and causes irregular periods other symptoms include facial hair acne loss of hair weight gain depression and skin darkening females with PCOS are at high risk of getting diabetes PCOS is thus an important warning sign of an impending diabetic condition.